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AMV Contest

What is an AMV?

If you are unfamiliar with the term, anime music video (AMV) they are fan-made music videos consisting of clips from one or more Japanese animated shows or movies set to an audio track.

AMV Rules

Basic Rules

Rule 1- Videos must be mostly animated (not live action or still art)

Rule 2- All videos must be new: made (finished) after July 2021.

Rule 3- You may submit up to 4 original entries per person. 

Rule 4- All entries must be kept PG-13, no nudity.

Rule 5- Videos must contain at least 75% non-repeating footage.


Our judges reserve the right to disqualify a video if it does not follow all rules.



Showcase movement and pace. These videos are all about excitement and are often fast paced. Show us your fighting style!


These videos should be all about the characters, maybe even some love and tears. Show us your ship or make us reach for the tissues, your choice! 


This category is for the laughs, we dare you to make us laugh!


This category is for videos that make us happy, they should make you want to get up and move. Shake your tail feathers!


This is the random category. 

If your video doesn’t fit any other category, enter it here.

More Information

For our full set of rules and directions on how to submit your video, please see the files below:

Have questions about your video?

Email us below for help.

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