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Art Competition

Get ready to dive into a world of vibrant imagination and friendly competition across various categories

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Kids (13 and younger):

This category is for children 13 and younger who want to compete their art but shouldn’t be competing with people who are older and have more experience under their belt. Kids compete against other kids.


This is the category for beginner artists who are showing interest in competing their art for the first time! Beginners compete against other beginners.


This category is for artists who are not quite beginners and not quite fitting for the masters category. Intermediates compete against other intermediates.


This is the master category for artists who have years of experience drawing and want to compete in a category against other master class participants.


This category is specifically for vendors! Vendors can compete a piece of art against other vendors!


This category is for staff only! Staff will be competing their art against other staff members!


1. Submissions must be 2-dimentional and fit in a 8.5 x 11” frame (portrait or landscape)

2. NO copying or tracing someone’s art

3. NO AI generated art

4. NO explicit content (lewd poses, nudity, illegal content, cuss words)

5. Artwork must be brought in printed out or on original drawing paper to be displayed

6. Pieces can be drawn, painted, digital, or pencil, as long as it is physical and original

7. Submissions close on Saturday 6/22/24 at noon

More Information

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