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Caitlin Glass

Voice actress and ADR director

BHC is excited to announce the following lineup of featured guests.


Many of our guests will be featured in
Q&A panels

Tom_headshot (2).png

Tom Rasch

Tom Rasch is an accomplished Marvel Comics artist, concept artist for video game/film projects, and content creator. Tom is currently building his brand and library of comic book character intellectual properties. The first of these called Black Alpha was published in USA Today. Tom's other characters Salem Tusk and The Bondsman are both in development as movie projects.


Aeonica Cosplay

Aeonica has been cosplaying since the summer 2012 and now travels the country hosting karaoke, singing contests, meetups and other programming. He loves encouraging people to try new things and make the most of life. Oh, and to cosplay! (for karaoke): New: Now with wireless lyrics monitor! Come sing your heart out in a judgment free zone. All ages and genres are welcome. Signups will be on your mobile device and will be live on the day of the event. notes: I now have a wireless lyrics monitor that works in conjunction with the projector to place the lyrics in both places allowing singers to face the audience if they so desire, even if they need the lyrics. Facebook: Aeonica Cosplay


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