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Game Room

Arcade Games

Arcade (cabinet) games provided by Press Start

Chess Pieces

Tabletop Gaming

Board games open for drop-in players


Retro Video Games

Try out different retro and video games in our game room, open to drop in players

Image by Nika Benedictova

Roleplaying Games

RPG one-time games with premade characters.

2024  Game Room Tournaments Schedule


  • 6PM -- MTG Dominaria Remastered Sealed Tournament

  • 5PM-8PM Warhammer 40k Boarding Actions Demos


  • 9AM -- Warhammer 40k Tournament

  • 11AM -- MTG Commander Tournament

  • 6PM -- MTG Lord of the Rings Prerelease Event

  • 5PM-8PM Age of Sigmar Demos


  • 9AM -- Age of Sigmar Tournament

Host a Game

All applicants must provide pre-made character sheets. 

If you are running multiple games, that must be stated in the application.


Thanks for submitting

Gaming Volunteer Form
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