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BHC Game Day!

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Join us for a whole day of games! 

This includes video games, cards games, role playing games, yard games, board games, chess, and so much more!


Adults (13+) $15

Kids (age 5-12) $5

Children under 5 FREE


Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza

505 N Fifth Street

Rapid City, SD 57701


Saturday 11/11/2023



Tickets available at the door

Untitled design - 2023-12-08T112505.399.png
Untitled design - 2023-12-08T112505.399.png

Tournaments and Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tournament

Chess Tournament 

Street Fighter 6

Smash Ultimate

Rivals of Aether (Black Hills Smash) 

Frost Grave/War Games RPG

Mystery Tournaments 

World of Darkness/Killer Bunnies

Deadlands 10am

HALO-punk (4hr one shot)

Yugioh (friendly) 1pm 

Retro Video Games 

Tournaments & Games Details



Play as a powerful magic user in this narrative driven story-based adventure. Choose from 10 schools of magic to explore the frozen city of Frostgrave as you fend off undead, daemons, and sinister rivals who seek to destroy you!

Tomb of Horrors


In Tomb of Horrors, you are brought back to where it all started. Made in 1979 by the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, players learn the meaning of the phrase "Gygaxian" as they fight there way through 33 encounters on their way to defeat the evil wizard Acererak.  Characters are expected to die dozens of times as they fight their way through unforgiving traps. Can you prevail over the tomb in this vintage scenario, or will you give up after the hundredth death?

The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery


Ever wanted to lead a great army into battle? Whether you're looking to test your grit in The American Civil War, World War II, or the Napoleonic Wars, this game is sure to offer a satisfying combat experience for it's players. Finish in less than an hour!

Game Day Schedule

Video Games

10:00 AM - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tournament 


12:00 PM - Mario Kart 8 Tournament  


12:30 PM - Mystery Tournament #1 


2:00-5:00 PM -  Street Fighter 6, Smash Ultimate, Rivals of Aether 


3:00 PM - Mystery Tournament #2 


4:00 PM - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 


6:30 PM - Mystery Tournament #3 


Open to Close -  Retro Games 


Open to Close - Arcade Cabinet 

Tabletop Games


9:00 AM - Magic TCG Friendlies 


10 AM-4 PM - Frost Grave/War Games 


10:00 AM -  Deadlands 


12-3 PM - Tomb of Horrors One Shot  


1;00 PM - Pokémon TCG (Expanded Format)  


1-2 PM - Yugioh Friendly  


3:00 PM - World of Darkness/Killer Bunnies 


3-5 PM -  Nerd Bingo 


6:00 PM -  Chess Tournament 


6:00 PM -  DND One Shot 


7:00 PM -  Magic TCG Tournament  


Open to Close - Various Nerd Board Games 


Open to Close - Random Board Games 

9 AM- 12 PM - Giant Board Game 


12-1 & 5-6 - Improv Lesson 


Open to Close -  Yard Games

18+ Games

PS4 18+ Games 


12-1 - Utter Nonsense

Want to help?

Are you interested in hosting a game or volunteering?

Email us at

BHC Game Day - Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza

505 North 5th Street, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701, United States

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